The Pandorica of Orbis

Episode 1: Odd jobs for odd sods

Preparing for a festival


In Game Date
Session Start – 20th day of Festum 151NA
Session End – 21st Day of Festum 151NA

  • some jobs needed done before the festival
  • Nana, go get Hea leaves for healing tonics
    • whole group go
    • attacked by wolfs
    • get pelts and meat as well as hea leaves
  • Fariel, missing scrolls
    • Tychos finds little boy thief
    • was trying to pray his dead parents back
    • tells the boys adoptive mother and contemplates making someone else run a Sunday school
  • Helfman, go get gems from ruins
    • whole group goes
    • Huntly attacks two bandits, kill them
    • get gems and find out bandits sent by ‘mad dog’
    • tell mayor about mad dog
    • Huntly almost gets banished for murder, apologises the next day
  • Michelle, dwarven booze in dwarven ruins
    • Everyone goes
    • Tychos is very excited by dwarven architecture
    • ghost, isn’t happy
    • agrees to let us have the booze if it can possess one of us and share a drink in a tavern one last time
    • Huntly ‘agrees’
    • nice drink
  • Sir Gabriel, accidentally drunk all his pain meds: get more
    • everyone goes, send Sir Gabriel to go get some dwarven booze
    • go to Cassandra’s, who makes the meds
    • needs tree snake venom, don’t get bit or need cut arm off
    • go to grove, Caleb get’s bit, everything else fine
    • go back to Cassandra’s, spots Caleb and tricks him into thinking she’s going to cut off his arm, runs away.
    • Huntly drops trow and says one bit him on the genitals, obvious happens, also runs away


Jobs for the boys

It was the morning two days before the summer festival. Sir Robert had left the day before for the capital to defend his tournament title for the sixth time running taking with him the village guards and some of the villagers to trade. He had left both his wife, Lady Malina, and daughter, Lady Katherine causing some confused whispers among the villagers. He also left both of his squires, despite Caleb Hunter’s protests.

Mayor Thomson oversaw the preperation for the summer festival the next day and asked that Caleb Hunter, Tychos Thunderhammer, and Huntly Everyman go and aid Sir Gabriel, Fariel, Nana, Helfman, and Michelle with various tasks they need done before the festival. The three agreed to split up with Caleb heading to the centre of the village to see Nana, Tychos heading to the temple to see Fariel, and Huntly heading to Helfman’s shop where his sister Selena also worked.

In the village square Caleb found Nana perched high above the bustling villagers overseeing (as much as she could see anyway) the proceedings and yelling orders. After the initial confusion of figuring out who Caleb was, despite knowing him his whole life, Nana told him that she needed Hea leaves because she’d no doubt need healing salves when knuckle heads like him, Content Not Found: krivkax-the-shadow-seeker and Brand inevitably hurt themselves. Nana told Caleb that she knew of a crop out in the deep woods but that there had been wolves spotted there recently. With her intentions conveyed Nana told Caleb to hurry up but to try not die and went back to ordering other villagers and entertaining the younger ones. Understanding the dangers Caleb decided to head for the temple to enlist the help of Tychos.

Upon arriving at Helfman’s shop Huntly was met by his sister who told him that Helfman was out seeing Mr. Fredrickson at the mill. Once arriving at the mill Helfman asked Huntly to get him some gems from a nearby ancient settlement that had been destroyed and abandoned during the The Pandorica. A place surrounded in superstition and susceptible to bandits and scavengers. Knowing it’d be unsafe to go alone Huntly headed back towards the center of the village looking for others.

Tychos found Fariel in the temple. Fariel was quite upset as the sacred scrolls that contained information on all of the Gods of Zenobia had gone missing and he was certain they had been taken. Fariel thought that they had been taken by a little boy in the village but wouldn’t have been surprised if Brand had taken them as a prank. Swearing to bring divine justice to the heathens Tychos left the temple.

A lovely cup of Hea

As he left the temple Tychos was intercepted to Caleb who barely began explaining his own task before Huntly ran into them whilst returning from the mill. The three shared the details of their tasks with each other and agreed that the three of them should try and get the Hea leaves together first, as the woods were closer than the ruins and the scrolls could be found at any time. Huntly lead the way, knowing the woods better than anyone in the village aside from Varick. It didn’t take long before they found and harvested enough Hea leaves despite Caleb’s ineptitude at botany.

On the way back the three were stalked by a pack of wolfs. Thankfully Huntly‘s expert senses and extensive knowledge of the area he was able to detect the threat and inform the others. The adventurers turned back to back and as the wolfs broke cover Huntly shot one in the haunch allowing Caleb to thrust his sword through it’s falling chest. However Tychos was accosted by two at once, he deftly broke the jaw of one wolf but was pounced on by the second. As the second wolf fled, tail between it’s legs, Caleb and Huntly turned to find their friend trapped under his shield. The last wolf snarled and snapped at Tychos but was unable to reach round the shield. As Caleb swung at the wolf and Huntly attempted to shoot it, it was forced back far enough for Tychos to catch it in the leg with his war hammer knocking it off balance enough for Huntly to drive his knife into the wolfs heart.

As Tychos and Caleb lay breathing in the grass Huntly, elated from their victory, begin to skin the wolfs. This of course meant that he and Caleb had to carry bloody carcass back home or let the meat go to waste. Caleb was unimpressed but couldn’t justify leaving the food. After dropping off the wolf meat and the Hea leaves in the village square the adventurers split up again.

The power of prayer

Caleb went to his home above the stables in the outskirts of the village next to Sir Roberts castle to pick up his pack, knowing that the trip to the ruins would take a few hours and might take them into the night, he wished to change out of the gory clothes created by Huntly‘s wolf but decided against it as his only other clothes were his squire clothes that he’d need for the festival.

Huntly gave the wolf pelts to his sister Selena at Helfman’s shop and went to change his clothes at his family home near the mill. After changing into a clean set he threw his bloodied clothes to his Sister Mara who screamed abuse at her brother as he stalked back to the village to meet up with the others.

Tychos attempted to find the missing scrolls. Not wanting to provoke Brand if possible Tychos went to the home of the little village boy. The boy wasn’t home but his adoptive mother was, she was aghast but remembered that the boy was obsessed with something Fariel had said: that if you were a good person and prayed hard enough that the gods would grant your prayers. She told Tychos that he had been praying that his parents would come back. Sure enough Tychos found the scrolls grubby and stuffed into a makeshift hiding place. Tychos told the mother and returned the scrolls to the thankful Fariel musing to him about starting a Sunday school, if only he could find someone else to run it. After meeting up with Huntly and Caleb he saw the mother dragging a crying boy to go and apologise to Fariel.

Aggressive negotiations

Ready to move onto their next task the three made their way out of the village and towards the ruins. It was a long walk made significantly shorter by Huntly using his talents to carve them a shortcut through the brush. After a few hours they found the ruins of the old town, hollowed out buildings and dusty earth. The residue from the magic storms created during the Pandorica coalesced into gems. This meant the ruins were a hot spot for bandits and other outlaws. From their vantage point the adventurers spotted some people wandering through the ruins and tried to avoid them.

However it wasn’t long before two poorly equipped men with short swords hailed them from a nearby ruin. They informed the adventurers that this was their turf and that they’d have to pay for being here. Caleb and Tychos started to posture and attempt to scare off the bandits but Huntly, not so good with people, drew and went to fire his bow. Ready for the attack the bandits lept to intercept. One leapt towards Huntly, cutting his bow arm deep. The other leapt towards Caleb. Caleb‘s training kicked in as he caught the man’s short sword on his shield and drove his own sword into the man’s unarmoured foot before knocking him out by driving his shield up into the man’s chin. As this was happening Tychos attempted to flank the bandit by using the wall at the bandits back to gain enough height to hit the bandit in the shoulder with his war hammer. The bandit swung at the assailant behind him, which went right over the dwarfs head, allowing Caleb to intercept the arm with his sword to cut it from the bandits body.

Caleb, not wanting to kill a man for simple banditry, attempted to bind the bandits arm. However he eventually noticed the man wasn’t breathing and that he’d cracked his scull on a rock as he hit the ground and was already dead. As he sat back he was startled by the snapping of the other bandits neck a Tychos put him out of his misery. Furious Caleb pushed Huntly yelling at his foolishness as the bandits would have left rather than fight them given the option and that if there had been more bandits with bows in the ruins he would have just gotten them all killed. He soon backed down however, knowing this wasn’t the place. Huntly found a bag of gems on the bandits and wanted to leave but Caleb insisted that they bury the bodies. While burying them he found a badly damaged letter alluding to them being sent by a person known as ‘Mad Dog’.

A simple misunderstanding

The adventurers walked back to the village in silence with Caleb clearly very angry and Tychos not entirely pleased. They all stopped in on the Mayor to show him the letter, Caleb explained everything and the mayor thanked them all for their bravery. As they were about to leave he asked Caleb for a word. Knowing that Caleb had just killed his first person and wasn’t taking it well, and that Sir Robert who was his only real confidant wasn’t here he told Caleb that if he needed to talk to anyone he should go to Sir Gabriel. Outside Caleb tossed his gems to Huntly and stormed off towards the stables to spend the rest of the night trying to wash the blood from his clothes while grumbling about the ‘stupid cuntley’ under his breath.

Tychos and Huntly went to the store ran by Helfman with the aid of his sister. Whilst there Huntly’s inability with people struck and he managed to convince Helfman and his sister that he had murdered and robbed some innocent people to get the gems. A terrified Helfman fled the store to go and report the crime to the Mayor pursued closely by Huntly. Tychos managed to convince Selena that they had not in fact murdered anyone but instead killed some bandits before leaving having had enough for one day. The Mayor managed to convince Helfman that everything had just been a misunderstanding. Huntly went home with half the village angry with him.

The next day Huntly went to find Caleb when he awoke. He found him practising with sword. As Sir Robert had taken most of the animals away with him Caleb was left with a much shorter morning routine than normal. Caleb was still angry with Huntly but forgave him when he apologised for his risky actions and the two went to find Tychos to finish their jobs and for Huntly to apologise.

One more drink for the road

Once together the adventurers went to Michelle’s to perform their next task. They found her in her tavern cleaning the bar around a passed out Nathaniel Hunter which Huntly took pleasure in pointing out but Caleb didn’t rise to the bait. She told them that she’d heard of an old dwarven ruin just outside town where there’s some dwarven whisky that she’d like them to retrieve.

Before long they found the ruined tower. Tychos was so enamoured by the architecture of his people he wandered right into the tower distributing the resident ghost who was not amused by their intrusion. Tychos was stunned into silence as Caleb and Huntly were left trying to talk to the dwarf who assured them that there was no whisky and that he was here guarding his whisky that wasn’t here. After Tychos came to his scenes he was able to explain to the dwarf their intentions and convince the dwarf to help them. The dwarf agreed but on the condition that one of the adventurers let him posses them so that he might enjoy one last drink in a tavern with people to appreciate a good whisky. Huntly agrees before really understanding and the ghost possess him. He aids the others in bringing back the whisky and enjoys one last drink with Tychos, Michelle and even Caleb before moving on.

The village witch

Finally the adventurers go to Sir Gabriel who was found in great pain outside his home. He explained that he had accidentally drunk all of his pain medicine while drunk and was now in great pain from his leg. He pointed the Adventurers towards Cassandra and they in turn pointed him towards the tavern where the dwarven whisky now resided. Sir Gabriel was in so much pain he even accepted aid in standing up from Caleb before heading towards the promise of good drink.

Cassandra lived outside the village in a little hut. When the adventurers arrived and explained the issue she danced around her hut enchantingly gathering supplies humming a light tune. Caleb was so taken by her he almost missed all of the instructions on how to gather the venom she’d need from the tree snakes in a near by grove and that the only remedy for a bit was to remove an arm. Regardless of the placement of the bite.

The adventurers headed towards the grove and begin searching for the tree snakes. It didn’t take long as the aggressive snakes attacked any who wander under their branches. Huntly caught his deftly and milked it with ease, letting the now placid snake slither away. Tychos had some issues with his but it struggled to get at him through his armour and eventually he subdued it. Caleb, however, was so taken with humming the tune Cassandra had been humming and picturing her dance around her sunlight cottage that he was unprepared for the tree snake that struck him on the back of the neck. Caleb nearly collapsed under the tree barely remaining conscious, he was healed slightly by the healing hands of Tychos calling upon the powers granted to him by his strange old god Talos. While tending Caleb Huntly gathered the last of the snake venom and the three headed back to Cassandra’s.

Once back at Cassandra’s she took the venom and made up the potion required by Sir Gabriel. However before handing it over she noticed Caleb holding his neck and demanded to see. Upon discovering he’d been bitten she bade him sit down took out her knife and instructed him to hold out his arm. Caleb tried to resist but she was surprisingly strong, forcing his arm out she counted to three and then jabbed the blister that had been formed on his neck around the bite eliciting a wimpier from the squire. Once released Caleb bolt as fast as he could, fleeing the cottage. Huntly, on the other hand, preceded to inform Cassandra that he’d been bitten on the genitals. After asking if she’d like to see he dropped his breaches but quickly fled as well when she drew her knife once more. Tychos nodded to Cassandra, informed her of the whisky in the tavern and wished her a nice evening before calmly leaving.


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