The Pandorica of Orbis

Episode 2: Big Trouble in Little Castlehaven

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In Game Dates
Session Start – 22nd Day of Festum, 151NA
Session End – 23rd Day of Festum, 151NA

  • Festival kicks off with a big tournament
    • most of the village turns out
    • Caleb and Krivkax form “Nana’s boys”
  • tournament
    • Archary
      • Caleb and Huntley enter
      • Caleb takes first place with two bulls eyes and a miss
      • Huntley takes third with two misses and a hit
    • Sprint
      • Krivkax first
      • Tychos second?
      • Caleb third
    • two person relay
      • Nana’s boys first
      • can’t remember the others
    • Balancing
      • can’t remember if anyone got anything
    • Wheelbarrow
      • Tychos and Barniby first (can’t remember team name)
      • Huntley and his stister honorary (something to do with helious)
      • Nana’s boys actual second
      • Krivkax and Caleb carry Mara around in celebration
    • Longjump
      • Caleb first
      • Krivkax second
      • can’t remember if somone else was third
    • Water breathing
      • Sir Gabriel first
      • Tychos second?
      • Caleb and Krivkax joint third
    • Obstacle course
      • can’t remember, tychos first?
    • Pie eating
      • Krivkax eats literally every pie
      • Caleb fails to enter
      • can’t remember
    • Drinking
      • Caleb wins
      • Barniby second
      • krivkax third ?
  • Night celebrations
    • Caleb, now drunk, plucks up the courage to ask Lady Katherine to dance and spends the night trying and failing to tell her how he feels
    • Gabriel asks Krivkax to take his medicine back to his house so that he doesn’t drink it again, Krivkax gets incredibly drunk, dances strangely, passes out, unpasses out to try and get Gabriel’s medicine back to his house.
    • can’t remember what huntly does, probably pisses off mara
    • can’t remember what tychos does
    • Barniby gets drunk and tries to distract Caleb
  • Next day
    • the second portion of the tournament is a hunt
      • the top five of the first days participants get an hour head start
      • varic painted some kind of animal and let it lose in the woods
      • Caleb, Krivkax, Tychos, Barneby and Huntley agree to work together with Huntly catching the others up after the first hour using his extreme woodsman skills.
      • boar, kill it
    • on way back hear town bell that’s supposed to go off when they return with the boar
    • attack!
      • kill some people
      • try and take a prisoner, almost fail
      • caleb stablizes the prisoner then stabalizes Mr. Fredrikson before running home to try and find his sister
    • aftermath
      • kriv interigates prisoner and almosts sets on fire, if not for thycos
      • kriv goes to sir gabriel and finds him badly hurt. takes him to nana
      • Huntly… can’t remember
      • barniby finds Mrs. Fredrikson dead or something??? i don’t know
      • Tychos finds farial almost dead
        • prisoner tries to excape, break legs but not notice blood, dies
      • kills farial
      • on way to home caleb runs into madeline who tells him that the bandits killed the guards left for the ladies and kidnapped both lady Kathren and lady malina
      • caleb finds his father badly hurt and his sister hiding but well, takes them to nana’s
    • Caleb, Krivkax and Huntly meet up at nana’s and she asks them to get cassandra, the only person who can help her
      • find raider who’d killed another raider and almost died himself, caleb leaves krivkax and huntly to deal with him will continuing to cassandras
      • krivkax and huntly find out that the bandits had been orderd to leave none of their own alive and found instructions for the rondevu after.
    • Caleb’s father dies before nightfall but Sir Gabriel pulls past the worst of it


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