King Maximus Magni I

2nd King of Stagmore


Born – 8NA
Died – Age 55 – 62NA


King Maximus Magni I inherited the Kingdom of Stagmore in a time of turmoil, being born into a world that had been devastated by The Pandorica. At the young age of 18 he had to start ruling by his fathers side as a strange illness killed his mother Queen Atlanta I and slowly paralysed his father, King Magnus Magni I. His father died when Maximus was only 25 and he had to try to hold together a Kingdom that was being raided by neighbouring Kingdoms, monsters trying to escape the destruction of the mainland as well as famine and disease. Towards the end of his reign The 17 Year War broke out and he was killed in battle, leaving his children to protect his young Kingdom.

He married Queen Alexa I when he was very young to secure land to the south of Stagmore at the age of 16. They had two children King Elijah Magni II and Countess Atria Valerius.

King Maximus Magni I

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