Valentine 'Val' Emberward

Orphaned boy and ward of Una Embershard


Age: 17
6ft 2
Dark Blonde Hair
Green/blue eyes.


Valentine ‘Val’ Emberward is the young ward of Una Embershard and was raised by her farm hands after being dropped on her doorstep at the young age of 5, with only the clothes on his back, a bag of gold, a sealed letter and a worn longsword.

To the surprise of many of the residents of the village of Castlehaven, Una Embershard took in the young boy and he trained with her local guards and helped the local farmhands.

The only time the other residents saw Val was when he was learning to read with Fariel Longstar alongside the other children, and when he occasionally managed to slip out from the farm and come into town.

He was always seen as a shy boy, who seemed uncomfortable in his own skin.

Valentine 'Val' Emberward

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